Today more than ever, there’s a need to express ourselves unapologetically. We deserve to define our own narratives and live in our truth.

Our jewelry is available in 18k and 14k gold, vermeil, sterling silver and brass. We believe that our jewelry should not be about exclusivity but accessibility go ahead and choose pieces that tell your story.  Order that mantra token or that piece you have always wanted...we got you.


It's a beautiful thing when true art and exceptional craftsmanship converge.  Elma designs are modern, timeless and truly uncomplicated.  It's designed with you in mind and is created for the everyday. The fluidity and sheer ease of the shapes she favors, and you immediately know that you are dealing with an extremely gifted artisan.

Meeting Elma in person is like reuniting with a best friend you haven't seen in years. She is well-traveled, culturally aware, and possesses the self-assurance and warmth of a wise nomad who understands the intrinsic nature of people. She is always ready to share her radiant smile, and the ever-present sparkle in her eyes becomes even more intense whenever she speaks about her boys, Tyler and Kyle. Talk to anyone who knows her, and they'll unequivocally vouch that people don't come any more genuine than Elma.