About Elma

It's a beautiful thing when true art and exceptional craftsmanship converge.  Designed to be much more than just jewelry, it is the pursuit to inspire individuality.  Our designs are modern, timeless and truly uncomplicated.  It's designed to become an extension of you, is created to be worn everyday.  The fluidity and sheer ease of the shapes and silhouettes, the endless ways to layer earrings, stack rings, and necklaces options will be sure to accentuate your personality.

Elma Blint jewelry is available in 18k and 14k gold, vermeil, sterling silver and brass. We believe that our jewelry should not be about exclusivity but accessibility. You deserves to define your own narratives and live in your truth. 


Originally from rural Jamaica,  Elma Blint uses her jewelry to navigate spaces not typically frequented by Black Women.  Self taught as a jewelry designer and visual thinker, Elma has been able to use her work as a platform to define her own narrative while inspiring others to do the same.

Elma is well-traveled, culturally aware, fashion forward and possesses the self-assurance and warmth of a wise nomad who understands the intrinsic nature of people. She is always ready to share her radiant smile.

She lives in Brooklyn, NY in mama to two sons and is a budding plant parent.