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Kanopi House- A Cultural Experience.

Kanopi House- A Cultural Experience.

You must have heard that "poetry of earth is never dead."

We live in a world full of machines and the static lifestyle for so long that we don't even realize that we are becoming one of them.

But now and then, we need to stop, take a deep breath, and give ourselves a little time to process everything in our lives. Sometimes, it is good to let your spirit free and laugh with the winds around you.

Because there is pleasure in the pathless world, by the deep sea and the silence of woods, where no one intrudes you with the click and blick of call or E-mail, the peace that nature can provide you, you will not get it anywhere.


KANOPI HOUSE, Blue Lagoon, Jamaica:

With our dependence on technology, it is almost impossible for us to live without it. This is why there was a need for a happy medium.

KANOPI HOUSE, Blue Lagoon, Jamaica, is a beautiful blend of modern nature. They believe that

Kanopi House is one of Jamaica's most culturally lush parishes, just a short stroll away from the famed Blue Lagoon and a Jeep ride from charming Port Antonio.
They work on the belief that good planets are hard to find, so we're doing all we can to protect the one we've been given.

What do they offer?

They have been serving in the area for the last 15 years. Kanopi House is a perfect escape for those looking to spend some time in a fairy tale with some adventure and a lot of relaxation.

 Kanopi House is a collection of eco-chic treehouses nestled high amongst 100-foot Banyans and deep in Jamaican culture. It is Jamaica's first true eco-lodge.

  • The cuisine in the living room offers a wide variety of food according to your taste and dietary needs. But the main focus is on ackee, grilled and curried meat, seafood, green bananas, and cocoa.
  • The Bar:  Kanopi house does not miss any point in providing you with the best time for your vacations. The bar in Kanopi house will keep you entertained whether you're craving a boozy rum concoction, a zingy freshly-squeezed fruit juice, ice-cold Red Stripe beer, or a flute of perfectly chilled bubbles. 

Activities they Offer:

If you are an adventure-loving person, you don't need to worry about your side of entertainment because Kanopi House provides an abundance of activities from

  • Playground in paradise, where you can enjoy snorkeling the reef, kayaking through turquoise waters, or swimming out to Monkey Island.
  • Monkey Island, where once had a charming little colony of monkeys. Kanopi house will sail you to the shallow stretch of water to reach this island.
  • Rafting Dow, the Rio Grande: Imagine the serenity of floating down the river for hours past waterfalls and riverbank villas, through lush rainforests and working farmland, on a thirty-foot raft steered by one of our favorite local captains.

Kanopi House is an "all in one package" type of place. You can have your peace of mind with nature and calm your adventure-loving spirit with the activities they offer.

Don't forget to visit their website https://www.kanopihouse.com/thetreehouses/ for further details.


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